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Regular Group Work

Much of my group work over the last ten years has within it the intention to bring a sense of belonging and social connection. To help relieve the symptoms of isolation and to foster an atmosphere of ease and wonder for the very young to the eldest elders!

To keep in touch you can follow either of the social media platforms linked at the bottom of the page

 or join the Sing -Dance -Pray WhatsApp group and go on the Mailing List

Medicine Songs and Sharing Circles

Creating a space for free expression. I have been bringing the medicine songs in the form of 'Song Spiral' for many years.

Whether you are a seasoned singer or have picked up the belief that your voice should be hidden - being in the collective song is healing on huge levels. I bring drums, rattles and bells to aid our journey into play.


'I arrived feeling a bit flat and burnt out, left feeling peaceful and energised' - Becky B

Sweat Lodges

I co-host regular Sweat Lodge ceremonies for just women and also mixed groups through the year in Hertfordshire in the grounds of Michael's Folly


The invitation to find our resillience and adaptability is strong in these times and this portal can help us remember the ways to support ourselves and our community with Love and strength.


These old ways have been repeated through generations all over the world. Sometimes they have been lost and sometimes renewed. They are a time to honour what has gone before, what has brought you here and what you may wish to release in the purifying waters of the womb like container. The hot stones are taken from a communally built fire and placed in the centre as offerings to your ceremony. 


Everything is Sacred.

An openness and willingness to respectfully journey with your fellow beings is all that is needed.

Song Tribe

This group is for children and their parents/carers.

We meet monthy at the moment in a fusion of sharing, play, musical discovery and song times and lunch.

Currently this is a semi private group and has a sweet intimacy that really works for the children but I am open to see what else might be possible this coming year in the way of offering this out even more.

Email if you would like to talk about this.

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