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Absolutely one of the greatest pleasures in my working life has been developing ideas and community offerings alongside and within the groups that are Alchemy in Movement, Elements of Dance and  Eagles Wing.

These are woven within the contexts of Dance, Medicine Wheel and Sound Therapy.

Alchemy in Movement and Medicine Wheel

With Leo Rutherford, Paul and James our work is focused on Trance Dance Journey weekends and workshops providing an exploration of the directions that comprise the traditional Medicine Wheel utilising ceremonies, rituals, and personal journeying to aid our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.


We currently hold these weekends in Sussex and Bedfordshire but are exploring and open to new areas.

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Elements of Dance

With Hannah, Pippa, Becca and myself, a rich fusion of movement medicine is ongoing and growing stronger by the month! This is no ordinary dance training or experience as it doesn't focus on dance technique, style or competence but instead is driven by the individual's story, freedom of movement and intentional release.  The purpose is about awakening the dances that reside in the roots of our souls; the words that lay dormant in our bodies, that perhaps we can't speak through the voice but can allow through movement.

WhatsApp Group for Elements in Suffolk


Mainly held at the location of West Stow in Suffolk within the beautiful and ancient landscape of the Anglo Saxon village.

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