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The ongoing story..

Almost impossible to know where to start but suffice to say, one little road led to a passage through a mountain ravine and came out in a forest where a beautiful and bubbliing river trail led all the way to the sea.

Ruth in her Elements
It's mostly music and arts - that's the medicine

Growing the singing groups is ongoing.  We have so many wounds around the voice. These days there is a huge focus on performance which takes from the deeper recognition that the communal need to just sing together without a desired outcome is possibly amongst our basic needs for healthy, holistic function.

Lost count of how many people have told me they can’t sing!

The list of benefits is very comprehensive and growing but stress relief is part of this, aiding  your ability to express emotions and release tension.  Singing also stimulates the release of endorphins,  promoting a greater sense of well-being. Let's take a deep breathe and let out a sweet, long note together.

And then there's dance. The last ten years in particular have shown me the real magic in this repect. We could call it movement therapy, just by way of avoiding the word that can invoke awkwardness or self consciousness in some and much like my approach to singing in groups, this form of expression is far from the world of 'what do I look like' and deep in the world of how do I feel now? It is possible to enter a trance like state with rhythmic movement and live drumming but this is not the whole story either. The revelations can be subtle, the outcomes can be profound and life-changing. I don't feel able to say more, it is so personal and subject to change for every person ongoing, including me as musician and facilitator.

There are many things about my history that could have led me to be so passionate about an almost fringe element of the song and dance world but suffice to say, I have trusted it and found it to fill me with awe.

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